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This James Bond Aston Martin was just auctioned for $6.4 million

MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA -- One winning bidder is now legally able to drive in an actual James Bond Aston Martin, with working nail spreaders, tire slashers, smoke screen and rotating license plates.

That person just got the keys for the 1965 Aston Martin DB5 for $6.4 million at a classic car auction in Monterey, California. The price includes a buyer's fee payed to the auction house, RM Auctions. The identity of the buyer was not revealed.It probably isn't a good idea for the new owner to actually use any of those gadgets on public roads, but they all work. And the car is entirely street legal.

This car was originally created to promote the movie Thunderball, but didn't actually appear in the film. It has an actual nail spreader and oil slick maker that drop real nails and oil behind the car. There's also a real smoking "smoke screen" and a "bulletproof" screen that comes up behind the back window. It's even decorated with faux bullet damage.

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